Monday, August 14

"What Are You Going To Do -- Shoot Me?"

A 32 year old woman, Ashwak Saleh, sat on the curb in front of the White House this past Sunday, took out a 13-inch machete and began to sharpen it. Minutes before this, the President returned to the White house from his stay at his ranch in Crawford, TX. Passersby reported her to the Secret Service who did their job -- drew their firearm, pointed it at her and asked her repeatedly to drop the weapon. Her response... "What are you going to do -- shoot me?"

They did not shoot her, but did take her into custody when she wouldn't comply.

There are about 15 news hits on this story when you search Google. What I want to know is:

  1. Who is this woman?
  2. Why has no major new feed other than CNN picked up on it?
  3. Is she Muslim? Why did no one bother to find out?
  4. Is she Palestinian?
  5. Is she a leftist, anti-American Bush-hater?
  6. What delusional thought process made this woman think she could brandish a banned weapon in front of the White House and sharpen it without reprecussions? Especially after the recent terror busts in England?
  7. Was she trying to get the Secret Service to shoot her? Why?


  8. Why didn't anyone else think of these questions, or care enough to get the answers to them?

Personally, I believe there is more to this story than just some woman's defianant attitude. Guess our media doesn't really care. What a surprise.... NOT!

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