Wednesday, October 4

A Special Place In Hell

Should be reserved for the likes of Fred Phelps and his sheeple of the Westboro Baptist Church plan, who plan to protest the funerals of the Amish school shooting to... teach the Governor a lesson. Yes, these decieved and disturbed people, who commit sin after sin after sin in the name of "Christ" are planning to stage a protest that has nothing to do with the event. Like a flock of vultures, they plan to pick at the carcus in an effort to gain another 15 minutes of fame. Disgusting.

It is not dispicable enough that they protest at the funerals of fallen soldiers, but now they want to inflict more pain on the families of this tragedy and the community, by bringing their "mission" to this somber event. Attempts to gain access to the flyer posted on their website have failed; the PDF file won't open. Perhaps a little devine intervention is in play... I sincerly hope so.

Fred Phelps and his congregants don't have a clue, but as the shepard of this church, he'll still be held to account on judgement day for leading others to the path of destruction.

Hey Fred... God hates sin, but loves sinners. And your idolitry and rebellion (which is akin to witchcraft) is an abomination before GOD. You'll be burning in HELL right along with those you hate. You are no minister of the gospel.

I just hope the Patriot Riders show up in force to block the WBC and sheild the families from this vile and putrid demonstration that comes straight from the pit of hell.

I pray peace and comfort for the Amish community, the families of all involved, and of course for the community. I pray that the LORD of all will pour out his mercy and grace, and comfort the afflicted.

Fred Phelps and the WBC need a serious wake up call.

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