Wednesday, December 27

The Best Man We Never Elected

As a boy, I remember hearing adults make this "joke" several times: "You know, I don't know how that guy got to be president, because I've never met anybody who voted for him."

They were talking, of course, about Gerald Ford. They took a lot of cheap shots at Ford. He was clumsy, he was dumb, he was boring. His critics presumed themselves to be intelligent and adroit, I suppose, even when they were disgracing themselves and their country. They replaced him with Jimmy Carter, which is surely one of the dumbest fall-on-your-butt blunders that a free nation has ever made. God protect us from the intelligent people, because they won't be happy until they get us all killed.

Gerald Ford was a good man who faithfully served his country in war and in peace. He was never elected to the highest office he held, but he never demeaned or besmirched that office - not while he held it, not for as long as he lived. He was a major public figure for 40 years of tumult and controversy, and it's remarkable how few bad things people can say about him now. That has to be one of the most graceful performances in American history. Go with God, Mr. President.

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