Monday, December 4

Changes ahead

I have been thinking about lgc and what it means to me and what I think it is. After some time away from a computer, because I don't own one and I access the web now using public computers at the library, I have decided to make some big changes.

It will be some time before I am able to get a computer, so, what I envision for lgc is a little while off. But briefly, I intend to greatly diminish the size of the contributors list. Many on the list haven't contributed and a couple don't think to highly of me, so, I'm going to trim down the list. Then I intend to grow the list again. Some of you know that I have made a lot of friends in the Middle East/Muslim world. These friends have points of view and insight that I believe is important for all of us to view. I want to invite a few of these friends to contribute as members.

I don't like the way the page looks so I'll probably make changes there and also grow the link list into something that isnt so LGFcentric. I love lgf and will continue to see lgc as a kind of tribute sight to LGF. But I dont think it has to be so busy in tribute.

Okay well theres some of my thoughts. Stay well everyone.

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