Friday, February 16

Lessons Not Learned... A 60's Redux

Today, in an unsurprising move, the US House of Representatives passed their "resolution" against the war in Iraq. I'm quite sure they are all busily patting each other and themselves on the back over this bold step of sending a message to President Bush and the evil Karl Rove, but in true ingorance they've missed the point entirely. The they have sent message to:

  1. To our enemy (Islamofacists, jihadis, haters of freedom in this country who lend sympathy and direct support to our enemies) that the US Congress is ready to cut and run, and had them a victory they cannot win by any other means.
  2. To our BRAVE, Heroic, and Self-sacrificing troops, that they cannot count on the US Congress to back them. That they are turning them and their fight, into another Vietnam in the same way that the US Congress, and Democrats did in the 60's (by under funding and undermining our troops in everyway possible, and turning them into political pawns and poryias in civilian society).
  3. To President Bush that he'll have just ignore them and exercise his Presidential powers through Executive Orders (the way Bill Clinton did during his two terms).

The forces of revolution and anarchy that tore this country apart in the 60's are at work now, and most of them have gotten themselves elected to public office.

Be careful America. While what they say may sound good and right, just, and sensible, many who joined the White Knights of the KKK were deceived into thinking they were joining a patriotic, God-fearing, law-abiding organization that was going to make American a stronger, and a better place to live. After reading the literature the Klan put out during that time, I can see why they believed it was a good thing, but what they said was a far cry from what they actually did and who they really were. Just look at what the Klan did, and at how many people were deceived, killed, threatened, and had their lives destroyed behind the rhetoric. Actions do speak louder than words, and those in charge, the force and brains behind the Klan were far more dangerous and interested in ceasing power and keeping it, than they were in making America a better and stronger place to live.

All that glitters is not gold. Socialism was not the answer in Eastern Europe and Russian, and it won't be the answer here. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, but be especially cautions of Democrats (and Repubilicans) bearing anti-war resolutions.

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