Monday, February 26

Torture By Any Other Name...

What is torture? Or should I ask, what would you classify as torture?

If you ask Eric Fair, torture is:

  1. Depriving a detainee of sleep during a 12 hour shift by opening his cell door every hour.
  2. Forcing the detainee to stand in a corner.
  3. Stripping a detainee of his clothes.

Hum... this is torturing someone. Oh, and I guess I should mention this "abuse" or should I say "these horrors" were inflicted upon a suspected Baathist party member and associate of Khamis Sirhan al-Muhammad, the Baath Party leader in Anbar province, and not some unsuspecting innocent by-stander civilian Iraqi.

Oh the horror of it all.

Eric states he has nightmares and visitations from this man whom he "tortured" and that he (Eric) cannot forgive himself for having... "failed to protect a prisoner in my custody, and to uphold the standards of human decency." He goes on, "I intimidated, degraded and humiliated a man who could not defend himself."

Let us pause for a moment and ask ourselves a few questions. When did the above become equated with torture? When did the above become an example of exceeding the bounds or standards of human decency? When did this man, and anyone that of similar disposition, become such candy-assed girly-men? What the hell is wrong with this picture?

Let us attempt to gain some perspective, shall we.

The men in question were and are very much involved with the insurgency, and at the very least were part of Saddam's ruling class; a ruling class that inflicted real torture on the people of Iraq. Anyone remember the home movies Saddam took of the tortures he and his elite inflicted on the populace including: cutting out tongues, beatings, tossing people off buildings, putting people though a plastic shredder, raping and maiming the women and children of those who went against him or merely offended him; hell, just because he could do it and it would scare the rest of the populace into submission?

Okay, anyone remember what the Marines who liberated Fallujah found in some of the buildings they entered? Anyone remember people chained to walls, beaten, starved, deprived of water or basic hygiene (bathroom facilities), given no treatment for the cuts and trauma their captors inficted on them, and who were left to die? Why were they treated so badly? Because the jihadis wanted to keep the population of Fallujah in line, to punish those who did not go along with them, and just because they are sadistic fascist who get off on inflicting pain and suffering on others.

Did America, as this man who has nightmarish visitations, violate the Geneva Convention? Were the detainees deprived food, water, or the "facilities?" No, they were embarrassed and forced to stand naked in cold cells all night. Their "severe" treatment, which did not equate to 3 hots and a cot, this inhuman treatment, reduced our enemy (who has vowed to kill every last one of us) to pleas of help from their captors because they were cold and naked, and sleepy. Hell, Seals endure a week of this sort of stuff during Hell Week don't they? Again, let's get a healty dose of perspective here. As I recall, jihadi captors ignored the pleas of many of their "detainees" (kidnap victims) to not kill them. Nope, they didn't embarass them or make them stand naked and shivering all night long, nope, they raped the women, beat the men, then brutally chop, hack, saw and otherwise remove their heads from their bodies... while the video cameras rolled.

Torture... I'll let you be the judge. As for me, I think Eric needs to grow a set, grow up, get some help for his emotional problems, and stop whining.

Is it any wonder our enemy thinks we are weak?

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