Monday, April 9

Civics 101: The Logan Act

Should our elected representatives know where their authority begins and ends, or does that only apply to Republicans?

I know, rhetorical question, but humor me.

Today I stumbled upon and article written by Robert Turner that was published by In the article, Mr. Turner asks the question, "Did Nancy Pelosi commit a felony when she went to Syria?"

The answer is, yes, she did.

He goes on to inform the reader about the history and reasons behind the Logan Act, the very law Nancy Pelosi broke.

In our litigious society, that is also keen on making excuses for law-breakers when it suits their world view, the press, democrats, and sadly the current administration are all looking the other way in an effort to avoid the hot potato issue that is burning a hole in the carpet of our political society.

First question. Did she knowingly break the law? We are often instructed and reminded that ignorance of the law is no excuse, and as a "law maker" she should know the law, or at the very least, be informed about the law by her staff or do her own homework.

Mr. Turner goes on to explain the non-to-subtle difference between the perfectly legal "fact finding mission" and what she did... actively carrying out foriegn policy discussion (negotiations) without permission of the Executive branch of our government (i.e. President Bush's permission/blessing) and making a royal mess of it. I guess Nancy is so used to being able to manipulate public opinion and having her "world view" blessed and accepted by the press and her supporters, that she must have thought she could do the same with the Israeli Prime Minister and Syrian President Assad.

Second question. Will this administration refer the matter to the Attorney General for investigation? Somehow I doubt it. And I doubt the press will make an issue of it either, unless of course the matter is refered and then it will be deemed a retalliatory witch hunt (at least they will get the witch part right). I doubt anyone that reads this blog will be surprised by any of this either.

I'm wondering when will the Republicans grow a set and do what is right regardless of how it looks; politics be damned. When a federal law has been broken by an elected member of the US Congress we should not look the other way, especially when that representative made the promise to oversee the most ethical US congress in history. So far the democrats have a dismal record and we haven't even gotten through their first year in office. Representative Steele's freezer money, Feinstein's conflict of interest that dwarfs any allegations of wrong-doing on the part of Haliburton, Delay, Chenney, Gingrich, and Abramoff combined. But the press isn't interested because the parties involved have a "D" after their names.

Well, you learn something new every day. At least I did, but I don't think the press is capable of learning anything new, least ways not until they take off their blinders.
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