Sunday, February 23

Can we re-animate this corpse?

Hey, everybody, what's up?

Tankdemon here, blogging from one of the nicer pits of the underworld. How nice is it? I have a shrubbery. You know you are really somebody in bleak, forgotten realms of the nether regions when you have a shrubbery.

With berries. (Don't eat the berries. They taste like fetid lemming guts and are extremely poisonous.) There is nothing better than a shrubbery with berries.

Looks like we have all found something better to do with our time than spend it here on our little green colloquium. That is understandable. I would be willing to wager that none of us really spend much time in our former playground that was headquartered under the Denver airport. It was nice while it lasted though, wasn't it?

Just thought I would post up something really quick like here. I don't know if anybody will notice that there is a new post, but, why not. After a couple of years of letting my own blog ( sit idle, I am getting back into semi-irregular posts over there, and thought that I might start cross posting here too.

Why not. I am tankdemon, and you have heard the stories about how much we underworlders like to reanimate corpses.

Have a nice day, everybody.

But not too nice. I wouldn't want your day to overshadow the shadow world's greatest shrubbery.

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